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Cremains Lockets Jewelry

A Way to Keep Loved Ones Cremains Close to Your Heart

After a loved one has passed we look for specials ways to memorialize them and keep their memories alive and well. One of the most popular ways accomplish this is with cremains lockets jewelry. With the wide variety available families and friends can find the perfect piece that reminds them of their loved one and makes a beautiful piece of jewelry.

In 2006 the Cremation Association of North America stated that approximately 32% of all deceased were cremated. Many families scatter a remainder of the ashes in a location the loved one requested or a place of special meaning to the loved one lost. Placing a portion of the cremains in decorative urns or jewelry is a very common practice. It is very easy to do and most cremains lockets jewelry comes with the materials needed to fill the cremains lockets, a funnel, glue and instructions. If you prefer not fill it your self, just ask the funeral director or the crematory.

You can find a variety of cremains lockets on the web or at your local crematorium. Online you can find more of a wider variety, and even custom designed lockets and jewelry, usually at a better price than your local funeral home or crematory. Cremains lockets jewelry allows you to place a picture of loved one along with small remains of hair or cremains. With cremains jewelry you have the options of incorporated a picture of your loved one in the cremains locket, or having a beautiful piece of jewelry that holds the remains.

If cremains lockets are not the jewelry you would like have, you can also find bracelets, suitable for men and women that can be engraved. This is still a great way to have your loved on remembered with a beautiful jewelry reminder.

Some individuals may want to keep the cremains in lockets jewelry, but not actually where the piece. If this were something you would like to do consider a small display case for the pendant. You can find small glass display domes to hold the lockets or pendants while they are not being worn. This allows cremain lockets jewelry to stay protected and be beautifully displayed while not being worn.

Remember that you have many options when it comes to cremains lockets jewelry. You can find the perfect one that reminds you of your loved one. Available in the shape ranging from crosses, hearts, to animals, in silver, gold, or with diamonds, there is an almost endless selection of cremains lockets and pendants to choose from. For ideas on styles feel free to browse the selection of cremains jewelry that Distinctive Urns offers.


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