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Pet Grave Memorials

Ways to Remember a Beloved Best Friend

The loss of a pet is the loss of a best friend, and it is never easy. It can be a hard grieving process to go through and creating a special memorial is a great way to ease your loss. What better way to provide a special pet keepsake then to create a pet grave memorial for that special friend. It is simple and everlasting, and provides a way for the entire family to remember the beloved pet by with a unique memorial.
boy and best friend

It can be very simple to create a pet grave memorial whether you decide to cremate your pet or have a burial. Many pet grave makers or memorials combine an urn, which allows for the grave memorial itself to hold the cremains of the beloved pet. This enables families to transport the remains to a new home and continue to have their treasured pet memorial no matter what situation may arise. With many families relocating throughout their lifetime, having a way to easily transport a pet's grave memorial or cremains is very beneficial.

Whether you choose cremation, burial, or are unable to keep the remains, you can always create a pet memorial area in a garden or outside area. By using a rock memorial or stone marker you can have an engraved symbol to memorialize your pet. The marker can be a remembrance and garden decoration that again can be taken along if there is relocation.

garden rock urnsFor your pets ashes, you can always choose from a wide variety of urns to preserve them in, from figurine to photo urns. You are sure to find the perfect memorial for your pet, and no matter what your budget you can find the urn to suit your needs. Whether you would like an urn for scattering or decoration, there are many styles that you can choose from. Small keepsake urns can be given to family members, such as children so that they may always remember their best friend even when they move far from home. Pet memorial keepsakes allow for each family member to have their own special pet grave memorial if they choose.

If you are not planning to keep the cremains of your pet, you can always create keepsake before their passing by taking a print of their paw or nose. You can make a paw imprint in clay or on paper. You can even make your own using homemade clay, or a variety of other pet memorial products. There are many ways to keep a pet memorial than using a grave memorial. This will also allow for a beautiful decoration and a way to remember your loss.

Creating pet grave memorials allows you to have a unique resting place to remember and honor all of your beloved pets. Keep in mind your many options and talk with your family to decide the best options for your pet memorial. The pain will never go away, but you can have a simple way to remember a lifetime of fun with your family friend.


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