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July 27, 2008 By

Top 10 Cremation Urns

The Urns People are Looking for Online

With all the different choices of urns out there, what exactly are people looking for? From jewelry to garden memorials there are many ways to remember and honor a loved one. We have searched our online sources and have come up with a list of the most popular types of urns people are looking for along with how many searches are performed online each month.

1. Pet Urns, 8,040

Mans best friend is the internet's most frequently sought cremation urn. Dog and cat urns reign supreme regarding designs and options, but you can find urns for your entire menagerie. Whether big or small, reptile or mammal, online you can find an urn that will help you forever treasure your beloved pet.

2. Cremation Jewelry, 5,880

Always one of the most popular cremation items, cremation jewelry, or keepsake jewelry, allows you to keep a piece of your loved close to you or on display in a beautiful case. Not only for cremains, hair or other special remains can be saved in the small storage containers.

3. Infant Urns, 1,680

You can find a wide variety of special urns for the loss of a special child. From angels to lambs, smaller decorative urns can be found to remember the happy memories that were spent with children.

4. Companion Urns, 1,050

An everlasting resting place for life long partners. These urns are designed to hold the remains of two individuals. Companion urns usually have two separate compartments for the set of remains to be placed. In many different styles and themes companion urns are a great way for partners to remain together.

5. Keepsake Urns, 1,050

Keepsake urns are a great way to allow each family member to have a special memento of a loved one. You can often get small replicas of the full size urn used to place a portion of the cremains in for other family members.

6. Custom Urns, 900

Custom urns are on of the largest growing categories of urns. From one of kind artistic urns to having the option to customize a particular style of urn. Many sites offer custom painting of children's urns or custom designs. If what you are looking for isn't online, take the time to look for some sites that will work with you to design the perfect urn you have in mind.

7. Garden Urns, 900

Outdoor lovers, or outdoor memorials, garden urns offer a unique way to memorialize loved ones. Birdbaths and fountains are just a few of the unique offerings along with more traditional plaques and stone garden urns that create a place of tranquility.

8. Wood Urns, 780

Simple to extravagant there is a wide range of wood urns. Many have exceptional detail with extravagant inlaid wood designs. Simple and elegant is how others would be described from cherry to mahogany a glistening finish and carved edges can create a great memorial.

9. Ceramic Urns, 570

Ceramic urns allow for a lot of creative designs and styles. This could include marble like finishes to statuesque designs. The diversity and longevity of ceramic urns makes them a popular choice for many individuals.

10. Lighthouse Urns, 420

Lighthouse urns seem to be a continual favorite. This seems to be the most popular way to remember a loved one who had a life long love of the sea. From wooden to ceramic, garden memorials to jewelry, you can find lighthouse in any style to represent your loved one.

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