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Urns for Women

Choosing the Perfect Urn

When searching for urns for women, it can be difficult to find the perfect urn that will truly represent all wonderful aspects of a the lost loved one. Before looking for urns for women, decide on the type of urn you are looking forDancing

  • Scattering urn to spread the remains?
  • Decorative urn to display in a special location?
  • Keepsake urns to give to multiple family members?
  • Garden urn to place in an outside location?
  • Cremation jewelry to keep a lost love one near to you?
  • Companion urn to keep multiple remains together in?

Once you have decided on the type of urn you are looking for it makes picking out urns for women a little easier. If the departed did not leave you with any special requests on the type or design of the urn, you may want to write down a few of the many wonderful qualities your loved one possessed. Such as, personally traits, hobbies, interests, and any other aspects you can think of that reminds you of the unique woman that had an effect on your life.

As you now have thoughts in mind of qualities that remind you of the special woman in your life, take the time to put these thoughts in line with the type of urn you want. For instance, if your loved one was passionate about horse back riding and horses, and you are looking for a decorative urn along with cremation jewelry, you may begin to search more accurately for what you are looking for. For decorative urns for women you could fine a statue of horse perhaps, or an engraved urn with a horse image. Cremation jewelry for women in the shape of a horseshoe or horse is also available to hold a part of your loved ones remains and remember their special qualities and passion for life. You can search for urns for women online or at local funeral homes or crematoriums. You will find a larger selection of urns for women at online retailers, and many times a better price as well.

By knowing what type of urn you are looking for you will better know what size you need. Small keepsake urns hold a small amount of urns, with an area of 1 inch by 2 inch, or around 6 cubic inches of volume for remains. Cremation jewelry urns for women holds a very small amount, around 1.5 cubic inches of remains. Large decorative urns come in wide range of sizes; you can estimate what you need by knowing that for every 1 pound of body weight, it will yield around 1 cubic inch of cremains. Now you have all of the information you need to assist you in finding perfect urns for women.



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